Ever gaped at a person and thought what a treasure of flair words, he/she is?
Well, I had. And I still do, a lot.
Perhaps, you too.
The mastery at communication has always proven to be useful to add a step further towards your goals in life.
“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”- Brian Tracy

Being articulate and well spoken is an art that can be mastered with the aid of polishing your communication skills and can boost your self-confidence. Here are some points that will definitely help you to polish your communication skills.

1. Enrich your vocabulary- To make your contents richer, start by enriching your vocabulary. Start reading books on daily basis. You can also keep pocket dictionary with you and look for the meanings of unknown words whenever you need. As ‘John Powell’ said- “ Communication works for those who work at it”.

2. Develop the habit of reading – If you don’t possess the habit of reading on daily basis, you are missing out on a lot of good things. Studies have shown that reading keeps your brain active, reduces stress, expands your vocabulary and improves your memory.
“When I think about how I understand my role as citizen, setting aside being president… the most important stuff I’ve learned I think I’ve learned from novels”, said President Obama in conversation
with the author Marilynne Robinson for The New York Review of Books.

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have,” said the two-time National Book Award winning late author, Lloyd Alexander, in an interview with Scholastic.

3. Wrap your message with stories– Whenever you deliver your message or you tell someone about
something, it is always better to wrap up the content with examples and stories related to the specific
topics. Stories make your content a more understandable one. Stories make the content in the communication strategy more personal and relatable and holds the attention of the listener.

4. Engage in conversations- Start striking conversations with known and unknown fellows. This will certainly help you in connecting with other’s and understanding them in a better way. You may also
end up by knowing some good words for you.

5. Polish your pronunciation- The best way to polish your pronunciation is by watching series and movies of the language you want to command. A good movie also shifts your perspective. You can also
listen to podcasts which are really helpful and easy to understand.

6. Maintain a Journal– “Maintaining a daily journal is one of the best personal growth initiatives you will ever take”, said Robin Sharma in his book. He further writes- A personal journal gives you a private place to flex your imagination and define your dreams. Writing in a journal promotes personal growth and will motivate you to write daily.

7. Be a listener- You learn very little when you play a vital role as a speaker before a person but you learn a lot more when you actually stay quiet and listen. This helps you in knowing the quality of content a person demands and you may present your message in the very same language and words he/she uses. “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”- Ernest Hemingway

I hope these points made sense to you and will help you in boosting your communication skills. Good
communication skills helps in boosting your self- confidence and self-esteem. If you will practice at least 2- 3 above mentioned points, you will definitely step up to the next level.

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Importance of Hands-on Learning

Years after years of schooling, metric to grad to post-grad, to, sometimes PhD. But what’s the purpose? Do all of us think of joining research fields in our respective domains? No. Not even close. All we want to do is get a degree from the time we can actually handle study (or afford it, in some cases), get a job, and get on with life! The problem is, in majority instances, that we scoot through these classes filling papers at the end of each term with the knowledge that is often crammed, seldom understood and basically never applied! Now the problem is, that these jobs we apply for after grad or post-grad, they need us to apply what we were supposed to learn during our schooling years, face it; they aren’t publishing books, are they? This is where all the study, the ‘hard work’ over the years goes NULL. We learnt things, read about that electromagnet which just needs to rotate fast enough to produce usable electricity, but neither did we actually see an electromagnet nor do we know anything about the required cable network!

This is a big menace that has forced industries to first train their employees on even the most basic of stuff and then actually use the skills they provide. No, wait… what did we go to school for?!

According to a popular statistics site, Statista, the unemployed graduate population leads the unemployment chart with almost 16.3% share, soon followed by post grad at 14%. This follows the simple logical explanation that, if the company is to provide the skills as well as the job, they’d prefer the uneducated section of the population who’d have far less expectations and be easier to manipulate. Also, this population is young, and these young minds are far more flexible and fresh having foregone the tumultuous years of schooling.

So, we’ve seen the need for the inclusion of hands-on training in the present day schooling system; following are some of the benefits of the same:

  • Retention of a better part of the curriculum– in a study, conducted in normal college environment, it was noticed that 20% of kids retained the material delivered to them in traditional lecture-style environment, overwhelmed by the 75% retention rate when the students were given time to practice what they had just learnt.
  • Quick and long-term engagement– the students, quite obviously, find the simulation more engaging as opposed to traditional methods.
  • Development of critical thinking skills– critical thinking is improved or rather developed when students partake in such hands-on learning models. Instead of having a well defined rigid learning route, they have to critically think at each step to receive the outcome they are striving to achieve. It is a very important skill of the brain that goes a long way in making industry ready grads.
  • Instructor presence at all times– these children have an industry trained person to help at all times. They can benefit from the real-world experiences of the instructor.
  • Use of materials and tools used in actual job– a great benefit of hands-on is the use of the same kind of materials as in the actual workplace; this gives a great head start to students. Also it is important for accident prevention that the students know their way about these tools.

Understanding Art, and the Artist in You!

You mention art, you mention Picasso! Among the many tales sparkling around his creative genius, here’s one… the Spanish genius was walking through a market one day and met a woman who recognized this talented man. Now, the woman walked up to him, handed him a sheet of paper and asked him to draw something for her. Pablo obliged. He quickly drew a small yet beautiful piece on the paper and said, “That will be one million dollars.” The woman was shocked to hear the amount and argued that the drawing took only 30 seconds so the money was in no way just. Picasso smirked and quoted, “it took me 30 years to draw that masterpiece in 30 seconds.”

So what does that tell us about talent?! The gift one receives with birth can only do so much without hard work’s support. These things go hand-in-hand. It takes time to find that one particular field where you can put in all your efforts, time to achieve what people like Picasso, Satyajit Ray, da Vinci, Tarantino have. Now, take a moment to look at the following graph;

The graph shows the average age of Nobel prize winners and/or great inventors at the time of their inventions.click for source

It clearly represents the peak in careers coming-in in late thirties for a majority of these people. This is, by general observation, the time around which most of them have completed almost 10-12 years in their respective field, honing their respective skills.

So, some of the steps to find ‘your’ genius:

  • Ability to not falter in trying phases: in this new learning curve, while tryna hone a skill, there’ll be times you may expect a good result too soon. You have to remember to take one step at a time, one learning at a step. Remember Lincoln lost 4elections before his first win.. Baby steps!
  • Creating consistently: no one knows which time is the ‘golden hour’ keep the brush in your hand, keep working; you don’t know when ‘that’ idea will strike you.. Certainly not while you are sitting crestfallen!
  • Self compassion over self judgement: don’t be too harsh, too soon on yourself. Comparing yourselves with the greats will bring in disappointments, at time. You need to remember that you know nothing about the work’s background… the time it took the setting, the mood, just keep reassuring yourself. Be your friend!
  •  Always finish and try sharing your work: the satisfaction of a completed work is immeasurable, it may not resemble something you had hoped for, but it will give you a start, every time. Also, look for feedback, go public with your work… being shy doesn’t help!

Giving your Passion a True Chance!.

As children, many of us often came across questions such as what is it that we wanted to do with our lives, where did we see ourselves as a working adult, and so on.
Singer, dancer, Astronaut, sports celebrity were some of the popular answers. The mere thought of these opportunities being distant was, back then, scarcely credible. But we aren’t unfamiliar with the singer next door, who used to entertain us at all the social gatherings, joining the corporate for a handsome package, we all know the society drama queen badgering us with all those videos, now working as the manager at the B & B. So, what made us give into whatever the society chose for us to do? There are many examples that depict the opposite
as well, take the example of late Sushant Singh Rajput, who left engineering at a prestigious college just to pursue his acting passion and charmed us all on screen.
The key to pursuing something is to give it the due time and dedication along with your persistence but the thing we don’t remember is to nurture the purpose with our confidence, back our stance emotionally. It’s also not possible to make it the sole purpose of our living, considering the responsibilities towards our family and society. But did we actually do our bit? I mean, did we actually exhaust all the possible credible ways towards our goal?! There are people who’ve turned their passions into incomes at ridiculous ages, they just kept ensuring the same as a resolution, years after years, as if it were sacred, inevitable to them.
Now with the tech support so grown, the learning essentials are a click away. Skill providers, such as cross skills have been helping thousands fill that void with music, dance, art classes at fingertips on their mobile or computer screens. There are many who take out time from their jobs and social engagements to work on
their passion and skill-building.
In addition to the gorgeous possibility that the skills someday might eventually form your work life, there are many other advantages, one of which is confidence in life. The mere idea that you have got something to fall back upon gives you the confidence to take greater risks with your career, moreover, the personal achievements in the field of your passion will keep you joyful and boost your confidence.
So, in my opinion, the following are the bare minimum to give your passion the true chance it deserves:
● Sketch and map the goal outline and the steps towards it.
● Give the skills proper time to grow, take out regular time from your schedule to keep up to date with the field.
● Don’t shy away from showcasing the skills, broadcasting the skills,( however little you’ve learned) gives you the motivation to grow further. However one shouldn’t be boastful.
Give your 100% to the work at hand according to the time you’ve allotted to any particular task!
All the best!.

How your Skills have an Impact on your Professional Life?

Your professional life speaks a lot about your personality. For having a good professional life, you need to have satisfaction with your job or profession. And a person would be satisfied with his job or profession only when he is earning well and has a respectable job. And this would be possible if he has good skills.

We know that many people who are doing excellent in their career without having very good communication skills but one thing which we do not see is that they have really good other skills, which help them grow in their respective fields. But for an average person who wishes to get a respectable job and wishes to indulge in corporate life, his skills other than communication skills are also necessary.

While doing any kind of job or having any kind of profession, many times people get fed up with their work and do not get time for recreation. Their schedule is so hectic that they do not get time for themselves. They do not get time for their family and friends and are always indulged in preparing for their next task of the job. This leads to an increase in mental pressure which affects the productivity and creativity of the individual. So, with some music and dance or any other activity or any other artistic skill, you can relax and prepare yourself better. So, you can learn new skills to try new things, make new hobbies to relax and refresh your mind.

If you are good at some skills or you have a unique skill of your own which differentiates you from others, then you will definitely be good in your career provided that you recognize your skills and nurture them.

We at Cross Skills provide that platform to learn new skills. You can learn any of your desired skill like Art, Photography, Music, Dance, any Foreign language of your choice, and many more things.

Directly or indirectly, your skills affect your professional life. And to have a good career and do well in your professional life, you need to learn skills that are new to you. These skills will not only help you grow professionally but also help in building a better professional network. You will be able to express yourself and convey your ideas and thoughts. You will be more dedicated to your work if you would any other kind of medium that relaxes your brain. It will eventually increase your productivity and definitely will help you in your profession.

Lacking Soft Skills ??? No worries, build them now

A person’s professional life always has an impact on his/her personal life and health. If you are not happy in your professional life, you would be carrying your work stress home. One might think that reason for this can be not having enough potential. As most of the time, while going for an interview, you see your fellow interview candidate being preferred over you. While you two have the same qualifications and experience, but the other person has good communication skills which make the person more preferable over you. Here, I will tell you how to boost your confidence by working on your skills and have a better impact on your colleagues and seniors.

What are soft skills?
Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal skills and qualities that a person uses in his daily life such as social intelligence, communication skills, public speaking, leadership qualities, problem-solving ability, Teamwork, etc. The term ‘skill’ is a broad term. Each trait that makes you out-stand from others can be considered as a skill.

Types of Soft Skills :
o Leadership Quality – Employers always look for an employee who can lead and take initiatives for the team.
o Communication Skills – This allows you to convey your thoughts and ideas promptly.
o Problem Solving Skills – To think broadly and having problems solving ability helps a lot.
o Adaptability/ Flexibility – Adapting and being able to work in unfavorable conditions and pressure situations.
o Management Skills – Managing time and work are necessary for a person.
o Work Ethics – Your principles and ideals decide your work ethics.
o Teamwork – Being a part of a team and having team spirit is very important.
There are some other interpersonal skills that are also considered as soft skills. We need to work upon these soft skills so that you can have an impactful interview and more professional behavior.

How to work upon your soft skills?
To improve your soft skills in a very short span of time, you can definitely go for a short- termed course. We at Cross Skills provide you with the opportunity to excel in your soft skills and have a good professional career. Cross skills provide you with professional trainers to brush-up your skills in a healthy professional environment. You can rise above your fear of public speaking and also you can communicate fluently in English as well as in other foreign languages based on your choice. The practice is the most powerful tool you should use to enhance your knowledge of soft skills. More and more efforts in practice will give you more results.

Conclusion and Benefits
You all can see the benefits of having good soft skills. Your personality becomes stronger and varied. So, soft skills are essentially required to get a successful career. With these skills as your tool, you stand a really good chance to get a dynamic personality and better opportunities.

Earn Upto 1 lakh Per Month, Learn Top 7 Skills in 2020

There was a time when learning skills were not considered as somewhat useful. Common thoughts can be heard, is it a useful tool or just a time pass? It’s evident as of now that learning Skills can create wonders and moreover when you can learn them from your home too. Skills are something which is beyond boundaries, anyone with zeal, interest, passion, etc can learn and accelerate their career. These skills, when mastered once, will allow you to earn up to lakhs per month. But earning lakhs is not everything, right? The point is, we have to dive deeper into the subject and should be able to analyze the current scenario. So how does learning skills will allow you to earn up to lakhs per month?

1) Coding– If you’re a programming geek and not making money, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. If you are familiar with languages such as C++, HTML, Python, NET, and PHP, then you can get paid to code online. The journey of becoming a programming geek starts with learning a language basics, it can be in C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Html5, and many more. According to ​a study by Glassdoor,​ it is of no wonder that 8 of the top 25 jobs these years are of tech firms.​As a result, coding has become a core skill that bolsters a candidate’s chances of commanding a high salary. Burning Glass researchers found that jobs that require coding skills pay up to $22,000 per year more, on average.

2) Graphic Designing– According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual graphic designer salary in 2018 was $50,370. Compare that to the $38,640 average for all occupations and you can see these creative pros earn a respectable living. Here comes the question that What are some of the important graphic design skills? The answer to this was bit researched and was concluded by the analysis of more than 50,000 graphic designers’ job postings from past years.
Here’s what the research founds
● Adobe Creative Suite® (Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®)
● Typesetting
● Social media
● Website design
● Digital design
● Packaging
● Project management
● Marketing materials
● Art direction
● Illustration

3) Video Editing-According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, film and video editors in the U.S. make an average of $40 an hour. A video editor’s hourly rate can go from $20 an hour on one project to $40 on another. It all depends on the client and the type of work required. As with most video editing jobs, location is key. So what does a video editor do? At the most basic level, a video editor’s job is to tell a story. Combining various clips and audios together to create a cohesive vision is the goal. So learning this skill will only add to your asset.

4) Animation-The animation industry continues to thrive and produce box office magic. According to a recent ​market research report​, the size of the global animation industry was USD 222 billion in 2013. Major animation markets include the United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea, and Germany. The animation is a growing sector as of now and will be fruitful as a whole in the future if learned as a skill.

5) Influencer Marketing– ​As social media becomes a more integrated part of our lives, influencer marketing has exploded. People are turning to their favorite Instagram models, Twitter personalities, and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions. Researchers have shown that 6 in 10 teens follow advice from influencers over celebrities. Also according to experts, the influencer marketing industry is expected to hit $10bn by 2020.

6) Digital Marketing– Digital marketing is constantly evolving, with marketers always exploring new ways to engage customers and create experiences that excite audiences. ​There is plenty of room for people looking to enter the world of digital marketing and related careers. In 2019, some of the most in-demand skills are content creation and curation.

7) Web development-According to the ​Bureau of Labor Statistics​, the employment of Web developers in the US is projected to grow 27% from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Web Development is simply a combination of frontend development and backend development. The reality is that every new startup that comes in needs a web developer at first. So it is the most in-demand skill in need which can make you earn tons of money.

So these are some trending skills of 2020 that will allow you to earn some handy amounts of money. Also, you can check out the ​CrossSkills​ page to know more about the new trending skills that will allow you to earn up-to lakhs per month.