Make your every single day productive

Do you ever spend your day without doing anything and then wonder why have you not productively utilized your day? Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin— they all had only 24 hours in a day. Salute to them for hard work and time management. There are millions of ways you could spend each day perfectly. So, why don’t you try?
Start making a brief list of all the things you need to accomplish to make the day meaningful and productive as well. Below you will find some easy tips that will help you make the most out of your time:

Start a healthy day
Birds are flying in the sky, the earth is revolving around the sun and the clock is ticking, hurry up! Otherwise, you will lag. Times are hard and everyone is busy chasing the next coin. So, just don’t expect anyone else to be bothered about your entire well being.
And we also see sunrises and sunsets every day. How it works every day without being failed. So, you have to take lessons from that. Firstly, make a proper schedule of your upcoming days and make an exact plan for their completion at any cost. Do exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. that water your body growth. Take a balanced diet. It makes you mentally relaxed and physically active. Do a little practice of these every day, that can help your future bright and healthy.

Work smarter, not harder
“Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things”.—Booker T. Washington
Here is an example which I have been seen in a video which was—
A hard-working man picks up an axe and starts hitting a tree. He was hitting until it cut. In this way, it took many hours of that person. But there was also a smart man who was also doing the same thing but the only difference was he first sharpen his axe and after that, he easily cut the tree over a very short period. It reduces lots of time. So, just go ahead with smarter ideas.

Little acts of kindness
Just fill your brain with positive raw materials. Yess! You are close to my opinion. I am talking about doing some little acts of kindness every day. Everyone is busy in bullying others. But have you ever tried to look yourself, what have you done yet for the others? If no, then first make yourself positive then just start doing little care around yourself. That feeling has no comparison to the others.
And don’t be afraid of surprising others with something they might like, without asking their permission to do so. For example— If you are at work and want to go grab yourself a sandwich, you could also grab one more for your colleague. This surprising action will stick in their mind for a long time, and you will be seen as a friendly and nice person.

Cut off distraction practices
Do something small each day for a whole week to progress your dream. Tell no one. Because they can distract you from your path. And things you need to stop wasting time on comparing yourself to everyone else. Because social comparison can easily kill your happiness. You could spend a lifetime worrying about what others have and you don’t have. So, Just only see your progress on what you were yesterday and what you are today.
Just try to bury these kinds of ideas from your mind before you go to sleep. Trust me! It works.
• Break the cycle of negative people
• Mute your distracting habits
• Declutter and solidify your mind

Take technology perks
Technology is good at scheduling. There are many tools like google calendar which help you in scheduling tasks and meetings every day. You can set a reminder for your important work throughout the week. It can save your time and also you will never miss the opportunities and meetings as well. Like this, you have a lot of time in a day. Just take smart actions everywhere to do extra fruitful work in a day.

Do things that you love
Here is everything that we have to surely do at any cost. So, just give a couple of hours to nurture your soul too. Find time each day to feed your soul by embracing gratitude, laughter, hope, trust, love, etc. Inner peace is very important because if your mind will not be relaxed and calm then you can’t accomplish anything according to your schedule.

Self-care is never a selfish act— If you will not move ahead then you will always stick to the same position. So, believe in yourself, schedule yourself properly throughout the week. As we all know, “Many a little makes a mickle”. When you start making every single day special then you will fulfill your dreams for which you are chasing.

Let’s use it wisely and refuse to waste a single day. And don’t forget to give feedback below—
All the best!

How to tackle job interviews

Interview! This word might appear daunting for most of us. Most people get furious, nervous, anxious, and sometimes they start quivering just hearing the word ‘Interview’. One can easily destroy or ruin their whole hard work which they had been doing for many years by these all negative vibes.

Are you wondering some tricks to overcome all these? If so, just, start living every moment calmly even when you are giving an interview. Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Do follow every point given below to tackle almost all interview smoothly.
So, let’s have a glimpse of the preparation process one by one. I have given a to-do list for before, during, and after an interview.

To-do list before an interview
When your interview is tomorrow then for today, you have to do this all.

• First Research about the company- First, research about the company, check out all the profiles on social media, their exact plans, their recent uploads, recently shared comments, press leases, articles, recently hired candidates. One can get some ideas from the interview story of a candidate that how did he hire?. Like this, stalk every background, and start preparing according to that. Remember realistic positive thinking and prepare for some answers for these questions, this will surely ask.

Examples— Introduce yourself, From where do you know this company? Why do you need this company? Why do you want to join here? What will be your contribution to the upliftment of the company?
So, prepare all answers in a little smart way and do practice in front of mirrors and in front of your friends and family as well. It makes your confidence high.

Organize documents– Now, it’s time to collect facts and figures to demonstrate your achievements. You have to organize your all documents before attending an interview. Keep 2-3 copies of all the important documents such as resume, cover letter, degrees, Mark sheets, identify proofs, your photographs and you can also show your additional certificate of online learning skills.
Example—You can mention, I have learned this course and skills on the Coursera, LinkedIn, and from wherever you find. But courses should be matched to your job background otherwise that will have no value there.

• Relax your mind- Remember first impression should be appealing. Don’t waste this time if your dream job is on the line. Try different unusual thing which makes your mind calm and fresh like music, games, conversation with your friends and families. Relax! And set an alarm for tomorrow and just sleep.

To-do list during an interview

Present yourself– Arriving early makes you observe that place perfectly. When your turn comes, maintain your body language and ask politely from the door ‘May I come in sir’. You should be formal and avoid using strong perfumes also. Wait! until the interviewers say to sit. Are you hesitating and quivering? If so, just think about the movie 3 idiots. What was Raju’s behavior in the interview scene? Be true and be yourself.

• Communication manner– Keep your answers concise and clear. It is very important to tie every answer to that job background only. Share your experience and add some unusual things that interviewers will notice and will ask questions accordingly. It makes you leading the interview. Keep eye contact and be yourself.

• Share work experiences-If you are giving an interview for some profile in the company then you should share your experiences: what was your work, for how many years have you worked before, you can show your little work on the laptop also, tell your positive strengths, problem-solving attitude, etc. In short, you have to show that by selecting you that company will find an admirable candidate also. So, just showcase such a glimpse of your positive side.

To-do list after an interview

• Be thankful- It’s not over yet. The closing of the battle is now. Whether it is a win or bloodshed, you take it all. Just drop off your thank you note. You can e-mail them. It shows you are sincere, motivated, polite, and careful about your career. Feedback is the last assertion. Thanks for the interview.

• Keep your hopes high– Keep motivating and encouraging yourself and wait for the result. Be energetic, positive, enthusiastic, capable, to join a new company. And if you are feeling negative that you can’t be selected because your interview was not so impressive then just start your preparation again and always remember this dialogue of movie Chhichhore—Everyone has a plan after achieving success… But if you fail by mistake…. Then how you need to deal with failure….No one talks about that.

And with all these steps and tips, damn sure you will easily tackle any interview and if you can’t then go and make your working area fully strong with various work experiences either you are in a small job position or in a high position. Then you will be able to provide jobs to yourself automatically.

Do let me know in the responses how you feel about this. Give your valuable comments below.
Thanks for reading!
All the very best!