Poetry Competition

Welcome to Expresso

Showcase your interest in poetry and take part in the Cross Skills Poetry Competition: “Expresso” with the theme of ‘Corona Apocalypse’.

No Participation Fees
Registration open till 29th Dec, 2020
Winning prize of INR 5000
Certificates to all qualified Participants.

Theme : Corona Apocalypses

Themes for English Language:

  • Goodbye 2020
  • Bleeding Lockdown
  • Love in the time of Social Distancing
  • Go Corona Go
  • We are not safe for each other. 
  • My cancelled flight
  • My cancelled bride
  • My mask, my task
  • Immunity on mutiny
  • Virtual Class Trauma

Themes for Hindi Language:

  • अलविदा 2020
  • बस हाथ धोते रह गए
  • चाइनीज़ तोहफा
  • कोरोना की जय
  • बस खबर आई थी वो नही रहे
  • उसको चिता का इंतजार था
  • लो हम फिर साथ आ गए
  • कैसे बिता पूरा साल
  • मेरे पापा भी घर पर हैं
  • सैनिटाइजर का प्रसाद

Here are the Rules and Regulations of Expresso make sure you go through them wisely:

  • You have to share your poem in jpg format and you have to share a video of you performing. (if you want)
  • When you are sharing a video of your poem, make sure that you shoot it in horizontal mode.
  • Time limit should be 2-3 minutes of the video.
  • The language should be either English or Hindi
  • The poem should be original and not plagiarized.
  • One Entry per Person.
  • The poem should fit well to the theme.
  • Make sure you go to the registration form thoroughly while filling it.
  • Make sure you fill your contact information correctly. Cross Skills will not be responsible for the errors.
  • Make sure you go to all three steps of registration that are STEP I, STEP 2, STEP 3.
  • You will be getting the confirmation mail once you fill the form.

Click below for the STEP 1

Now as you have completed Registration you can now scroll down for STEP 2.

You have to fill in some of the details again for surety purposes. Please do make sure everything you filled is correct and valid.

Winning Criteria

Winners will be decided according to the point which be allotted according to their performances. For every like you will be given 2 points and for every comments you will be granted 5 points. (1 like = 2 points & 1 comments = 5 points)

Bonus Points

There are some conditions of gaining extra points, which will boost your points gained and may help you win the cash prize. Details are given in STEP 3.

Click below for the STEP 2…

Now as you have completed Participation, you can now scroll down for STEP 3.

This form will help you gain more score and may be lead to have the prize amount of the EXPRESSO. All you need to do is Like and Share our Social Media Pages, on your social media platforms. After you do it screenshot and send it to us through this form and then you will be awarded the bonus points.

Points to Keep In Mind:

  1. Make sure you like and follow our social media pages
  2. Post your Screenshots on stories by tagging Cross Skills
  3. Take screenshot of those post and upload it on the form.
  4. Uploading duplicates to gain more point will not be entertained and Bonus points will not be given.
  5. While filling the form make sure that you give correct and valid information.

Click below for the STEP 3…

All the best for the competition.