Online Learning

Why it is needed?

Sometimes it is not possible for the students to take classes directly with the teachers, here the need of online learning arises.


A method to learn using information technology and advanced communication and multimedia, such as computers, mobiles, smart TVs, digital cameras, and video recorders. These devices need to be connected to networks and the internet in order to
convey information to learners fast and cost-efficiently, which facilitates managing the learning process and assessing and evaluating learners’ performance.


  • Disseminating the culture of self-learning and self-reliance in acquiring various expertise and knowledge.
  • Offering and creating an encouraging and enticing atmosphere towards meaningful learning due to what it has of modern technological tools.
  • Boosting learners skills in using information technology and communication in searching for information, which is very helpful in the learning process.
  • Expanding the range of learning as it offers various sources of information, learning aids, interactive methods that students use wherever and whenever they want whether they are on or off campus.
  • Offering learners enough flexibility and control over the content.
  • Allowing easy communication between students and teachers as well as among learners themselves.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Accessibility to courses inside and outside classrooms (campus- home) anytime.
  • Active communication and interaction with teachers via electronic/online methods (such as email, forums, chatting), in addition to communicating with other classmates.
  • Various learning resources (videos, recordings, graphs and pictures, and text files).
  • Progress reports are readily available.
  • Receiving emails, announcements, notifications, or remarks from the course teacher.
  • Receiving online learning support via seminars (video conference) that is presented by the course teacher to help learners addressing issues in understanding certain parts of the course.

How we Evaluate?

Assessment is done automatically, without the interference of the course teacher or with due interference of teachers. It is based on the number and frequency of learner’s submissions, access, and constant interaction with different online activities such as homework, assignments and some midterms and finals. Different courses have different grades for participation and uses.

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