Foreign Languages

Why it is needed?

We all seek the opportunity of standing out from the crowd, gaining a handsome amount of salary and becoming a renowned personality.

What do we do?

The expert faculty at Cross Skills focuses deeply on your interests and skills and will guide you to choose, the best foreign language for you, or the language which will add new dimensions to your profession.

We at Cross Skills provide a platform where you can learn a foreign language or different foreign languages at the same period of time. Our expert faculty has designed a well-structured learning program which helps you to learn with ease.

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Why choose us?

Our faculty is enriched with instructors and trainers who are experts in foreign languages. There is a specific instructor for each specific foreign language. By joining, you can easily avail numerous professional guidance by them, to pave your way towards your goals.

You may have come across various virtual foreign language learning platforms and may have also joined a few of them and quit after realizing that they directly dive into the expert level classes, without teaching the basics. We at Cross Skills ensure to provide you a step by step learning program from a beginner’s level to an expert one.

We conduct webinars on weekly basis where you can interact with our expert instructors.

While the learning process goes on, weekly competitions are conducted where you can participate and showcase your foreign language skills.

Cross Skills have learners from all over the globe. People not only from India are learning the foreign languages with you at this virtual platform but learners from abroad as well are a part of Cross Skills.

We at Cross Skills provide you flexible learning hours. You can choose the timing of your classes according to your mood or schedule and gain the experience of learning as per your convenient timings.

On a weekly basis, to make the learning process more exciting, Cross Skills conduct interactive classes with foreign guests that will help you in understanding more about the particular language, you enroll for.

We at Cross Skills not only focus on teaching you but we also conduct weekly evaluation classes, where you will get the feedback from our expert faculty.

We at Cross Skills believe that learning is a time taking process. And hence should be started off, on a daily basis rather than having hours of classes few days a week, we conduct classes leniently and teach you step by step, every day rather than teaching all together and making the sessions boring.

We aim at providing you a competitive and encouraging platform by means of guest lectures, talent showcasing competitions to help you in maintaining consistency.

Languages That We Offer

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • Arabic
  • Korean
  • Russian

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