The Journey: Rags to Riches

We have always come through the stories of every successful personality. How their journey to success had its own different twist and turns, someone had a mentor, someone was a lone wolf. I personally get names of peoples like Mukesh Ambani, Elon musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jef Bezos, Bill Gates ,Steve Jobs and Jordan Belfort in my mind when I think about being successful, there are many others too. We all are aware how these peoples have made their reputation in the world. All this happened because they had that mind, that courage, that passion in themselves to be at the position they are.

“Success doesn’t come overnight, you have to work hard and believe in yourself. You should always have a back-up plan to continue with if things go wrong.” 

The names I mentioned earlier, everyone have work hard in their own fields, Ambani’s have the biggest exports in India and now probably have hand in every sectors from Petroleum to Entertainment, from telecom to owning a cricket and a football team.

 Elon Musk is the man behind the era of technology and space research, who is also a CEO of world known car manufacturing company TESLA. His company NEURALINK  is now working on how human brain can perform more efficiently.

Mark Zukerberg the man who made Facebook, the application and website which is used peoples worldwide to connect with their family and friend, facebook which now owns popular sites like Instagram and whatsapp.

Jeff Bezos the man who made shopping easy and products deliver at door step by bringing Amazon to us.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who brought convenience in our palm, laps and homes by bringing the Windows and the IOS.

Jordan Belfort the wolf of the Wall Street. Who even have a movie on him, which showed that when you have that passion in yourself no conditions can stop you and that person made himself a brand in the stock market. Well his stock market career was drowned illegal but who said we cannot learn from him that man made millions and millions just buy having a solid sales strategies.

Well we have discussed a lot about the successful personalities and their own specific kingdom. Now let’s talk about how they or anyone who wants to make them one of a kind works and never lose up a hope. There are certain ways, in this blog from which will at least you get some points to remember in your life time.

Firstly start with critical work, Elon says “Focus on signal over the noise. Don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t actually make things better.”

Find your most important task (MIT) for the day and tackle it fort. Your MIT should be the one thing that creates the most impact on your work. To find your MIT you can use the 80/20 rule and figure out what’s crucial.

Secondly have a feedback loop, “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.” – Elon Musk  

Always seek for feedbacks and try to seek for the negative one. It might be hurtful at first, but you will end up getting a lot more out of it. Gather feedback about your particular product and do every possible way to rectify them.

Getting feedbacks and rectifying the issues is crucial, just because not doing this many companies have became oblivion now days.

Thirdly start to have Batch work,  multi-tasking  always can be harmful but when there is shortage of time you have to, divide your works in different lots/batches and perform them, make sure you take out those works in batches which are easy to do and can be handled nicely.

Fourth scheduling ,  well running companies or even you are in your high school, scheduling plays a vital role, it may sound monotonous doing thing every day with a same pace but consistency  really matters in life.

Fifth, Don’t under estimate the impact you can have on the world, “I want to put ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs.

Steve jobs is that one person you brought up revolution in the world of mobile phone, after the first ever iphone was launched, he showed the world what kind of strength they have in their company. Then afterwards they brought a tons of perfection in their every product.

Sixth Guard your secrets, always make partners, hire employees and work for clients who can guard your secrets, how your company works have only to be known by you and your company.

Seventh failure is good, every one fails, everyone tries to be in a top list but can’t. No matter how many times you fail you don’t have to loose hope of being successful. You can never be truly hungry until you haven’t eaten for days. In same light, you can never crave success until you’ve been dealt you own share of defeat.

“No matter what happened to you in the past, you are not your past, you are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it. And that is the basic for all changes.”  – Jordan Belfort

Eight Take risk, Success doesn’t come without getting your hands dirty.”

No successful man in this world ever played safe and became millionaire or billionaire, they took risk sometimes for them it was drastic for them to be on cliff were everything was going to end but they come up with the courage to start it all again.

“True entrepreneurship comes from risk taking.”- Dhirubhai Ambani

Ninth buckle up for long run, success isn’t something which will stay for a while and then flew away, it is the result of hard work and sacrifice you did in the long run. So you have to put up your shoes and get ready for a marathon, marathon of your personal and professional success.

Last but not the least ‘never regret’ if you are in a start-up or a well settled business man regretting won’t be a choice for you because all it will do is make you vulnerable, you may took some decision in your personal and private life and they have gone worse but being their and thinking, ‘what if I had done this’ will again make you in the same situation in the past, instead of that learn from them and make yourself strong from before. 

Summing it all up, you never have to rush in your life, take your decision wisely. You will always have someone to discuss with. Just thinking of being successful will not give you success but working for it will. Hope this blog have helped you to think what to do or not.

Seeing the world through different eyes

2020 is also going to an end, Dude! Now it’s time to change your perspective towards the world, nobody is the same in the world. One might be good at one thing and might be bad at the other. Suppose if you are good at dancing then it is not necessary that your siblings also have that talent. They might have the others. So, I think now you got me; yes, I am talking about motivation. I also know every parent expects too high about the careers of their children. But, no need to take tensions just need to change your perspective and start trying to see the world through the positive eyes and go ahead for whatever you want.
Looking for something deeper about the world? If so, let’s have a trip for many tricks to see the world through different eyes.
Let’s get started!

Start observing the world
You can take many examples from the daily routines and try to think from a different perspective.
Example— You can observe any trees around you and try to imagine how the big tree was once a younger tree and eventually grew out of its little seed! Also, you can imagine their struggles like they have to bear many seasons, weather, climate, storms, wind, etc. but still standing with a firm determination. Think about that and I am damn sure you might observe how your power of thinking becomes more alive. So, start enjoying the purest version of the world.

Better determine yourself

when you wake up early in the morning and go for the brush. While brushing your teeth, keep looking yourself into the mirror and think about what you are today and what you want to be tomorrow. So, always remember this quote given below—

“If you can’t fly, then run,
If you can’t run, then walk,
If you can’t walk, then crawl,
But whatever you do,
You have to keep moving forward”—Martin Luther King Jr

Be fearless soul
We see the world through our own personal filters. Our genetics, upbringings, education, friends, and family shape our filters. They color the reality of the world around us. Often, we forget the existence of these filters and just confuse them about right and wrong. So, it’s better to be a fearless soul to do what you really want in your life.

Manage your stress
Have you ever just wanted to scream or break down and cry because your head is racing with so many unfinished tasks? If so, then you should go on the footpaths and look around, how poor people are begging and struggling for food there. It makes your soul calm and you might think that at least I have all the basic needs and many things. Observe, learn, think and feel this line “Every problem comes with a solution” what you have to do is to find a solution positively.

Feel magic in everything

Believe in your heart that you are meant to live a life full of excitement, passion, magic, miracles, purpose, determination, etc. Feel free to live like a child and enjoy the beauty of the world. If everyone is going in the right direction then you can of course go in the left direction if you want. So, living and watching everything from a few different perspectives is not bad. You can enjoy whatever you want according to your desires.

We can do many things on the right road if we have positive and unique thoughts. Without all these tricks which are given above, you will have to face many difficulties on your road.

Well, it’s time to ask you all that please let me know in the comments below if these all hacks work for you?

In this Age of Technology, Poetry Serves no Purpose?

In today’s world where technology is taking over almost everything, so where does poetry stand?The comparison of poetry and technology might seem slightly out of place to some, but there is a great deal that poetry can teach us about living well with technology. By taking the liberty of speaking broadly about the poetic and the technological imaginations, I’d like to say that the poetic imagination offers a needful supplement to the technological imagination. Consider that poetry very often works through metaphor which pushes us to see relationships. With poetry we understand by bringing reality together rather than by dividing it up among us, which we mostly do.

Poetry is important as in many forms because it helps us understand and appreciate the world around us which in return appreciate us. Poetry’s strength lies in the fact of its ability to shed/throw a “sideways” light on the world, so the truth sneaks up on you. No question about it. Poetry teaches us how to live. Poetry dares to open the vulnerabilities of human beings so we can all relate to each other a little better.

Why is poetry important to our world today? If you turn on the TV, you can probably see why. Yes, it’s mostly a ratings war that portrays the world we live in today as ugly, chaotic, violent and without mercy. That we’re living in a fractured world.So among all this stuff poetry brings on the table some sense of understanding.Moreover in his review of The Information, Nicholas Carr observed that, “What information theorists call redundancy … is also the stuff of poetry.” We would have a very hard time abstracting the meaning of poetry from its form. When Robert Frost was asked to tell what his poem was about in other words, Frost responded that if he could have done so, he wouldn’t have written the poem. With poetry the form is the meaning; at least, it is inseparable from the meaning.Technology can, as Heidegger warned, position the world at our service, ready to be manipulated in the worst sense. It provides resistance in the social world that is otherwise increasingly designed to be frictionless and not relatable at all. In this way, poetry is an antidote to the world’s worst delusions mainly offered by so called technologies.

So summing up, at the very end, I just want to say that the poetic imagination, which is to say the imagination nurtured by poetry, balances the scope of other imagination very well.So we very well concluded that poetry is an integral part of the society.Forget about the age of technology, poetry will continue to serve it’s qualities till ages.

From Which I Flew
Tyree Daye

Say my son’s name,
his death was the first thing to break me in

and fly me through town.
If grief has a body it wears his Dodgers cap

and still walks to the corner store to buy lottery tickets
and Budweiser 40s.

Difficult Conversations:How to discuss what matters most?

Good communication is important both in formal negotiations and in daily life.But what’s the parameter to decide what matters the most? This blog explores what makes some conversations difficult and some very easy, why people avoid having difficult conversations, and why people often manage difficult conversations poorly. Here I will try to offer some techniques for having more effective, fruitful discussions.Here’s the link to the ted talk, which summarizes the theory of, how to lead tough conversation-HOW TO LEAD TOUGH CONVERSATIONS.

What actually is difficult about conversations?
Difficult conversations mainly include the things that someone does not want to talk about, such as asking for a raise or complaining to a neighbor about his barking dog. People are usually not willing to open a difficult conversation out of anxiety of the consequences. Typically, when the conversation does occur, two people in conversations think and feel a lot more than they actually say in real. Underlying every difficult conversation, there are actually three deeper conversations. The “What happened?” conservation often involves disagreement over what happened in reality, what should happen, and who is to blame. The identity conversation is an internal conversation that each party has with herself/himself, over what the situation tells her/him about who she/he is.

What Happened?
A major type of mistake is “What happened?”. This conversation solely occurs when 2 people in conversation without no use focus on assigning only blames and nothing else. “Focusing on blame is a bad idea because it weakens our ability to learn what’s really causing the problem into it and to do anything meaningful to correct it absolutely. The solution is to focus on mapping each party’s contribution to the situation. Contribution emphasizes understanding causes, joint responsibility, and avoiding future problems. Contributing to a situation does not imply being blameworthy or something of that sort; leaving your car unlocked contributes to its being stolen, but certainly does not make you to blame for the theft.

Feelings plays an important role

Difficult conversations are said to be difficult because there are feelings involved in them. Expressing emotions is risky. Thus, many people frame difficult conversations in such a way that basically ignores their full emotional content. Unexpressed feelings can leak back into conversation. The solution for the people is to identify and understand their feelings, negotiate them, and share them clearly. Understanding and reevaluating the thoughts, perceptions and beliefs that gave rise to the emotions enables us to negotiate with our own feelings, shifting or moderating them. The first step in expressing feelings is to acknowledge that they are an important part of the situation, whether they are “rational” or not. Parties should convey the full range and complexity of their feelings, and they should avoid rushing to evaluate the feelings expressed. To be effective in sharing requires some effort, that the parties acknowledge each other’s feelings and respect them as well.

Letting Go
Sometimes difficult issues should be raised above with full courage and power ; other times it is best to let them go. There is no simple rule for deciding which is which.So now question arises then what’s the solution? Working through the three conversations on your own will give a clearer understanding of the situation and scenario, and so a better basis for understanding and deciding. Some apparent conflicts between people are bound to happen, now turns out to be mainly conflicts within one person–an identity crisis, for instance. It is not worth embarking on a difficult conversation if you do not have a goal that makes sense. One common, but infeasible, goal is to change the other person. Three goals that do support conversation are to learn the other’s story more carefully, to express your own views and emotions after respecting others, and to problem-solve and help everyone.

The need of today’s era is to learn how to start conversations? Most conversations fail because people begin by describing the problem from their own perspective leaving behind the other side, which implies a judgement about the other person and so provokes a defensive response. Instead, start conversations from the perspective of a “third story” that describes (or at least acknowledges) the difference between the people’s views in neutral terms. The opening should then invite the other people to join in a conversation seeking mutual understanding or joint problem solving.

How to improve Memory.

Everyone has moments of forgetfulness from time to time Which sometimes may be embarrassing, especially when life gets busy.While this can be a completely normal occurrence, having a poor memory can be frustrating.Genetics plays a major role in memory loss and many more health related operations, especially in serious neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. However, research has shown that diet and lifestyle have a major impact on memory too.So what’s the solution to this?Is it that we cannot improve our memory That’s not the case. There are many ways to improve memory including both natural and human made ways.Let’s look at them one by one.

Eat Less Added Sugar

Research has shown that a sugar-laden diet can lead to poor memory and reduced brain volume, particularly in the area of the brain that stores short- term memory.Researches have shown that people who regularly consume added sugar may have poorer memories and lower brain volumes than those who consume less sugar.Cutting back on sugar not only helps your memory but also improves your overall health.So we should try to consume as much as less sugar as possible.

Make Time for Meditation

The practice of meditation may positively affect your health in many ways.One of the studies at Taiwanese college demonstrated that students who engaged in meditation practices like mindfulness had significantly better spatial working memory than students who did not practice meditation.Meditation isn’t just good for your body — it’s also good for your brain. Research suggests meditation may increase memory of the brain and improve spatial working memory.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential for well-being and is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in top condition.A study of 50 people between the ages of 18 and 35 found that a higher body mass index was associated with significantly worse performance on memory tests.Obesity is a risk factor for cognitive decline. Maintaining a body mass index within the normal range may help you avoid a host of issues associated with obesity, including a poorer memory.

The thinking on brain games

Engaging in brain games, such as crosswords, chess, and bridge, as well as creative outlets like painting, playing an instrument, or learning a language, have not been proven to protect against memory loss. Yet, these things can help out with everyday thinking skills and, when teamed with regular exercise, can increase a person’s cognitive reserve to a great extent.

Eating more fruits and vegetables may help with memory loss

A study of almost 28,000 men found that those who consumed the most daily servings
of vegetables and fruit (six servings) were less likely to develop poor thinking skills than
the men who consumed the fewest (about two daily servings or less).

Memory is simply an asset to human life.So just take care of your precious memory.What blog teaches you is to just stay fine,calm and make your brain indulge in some good and productive activities.So Don’t hesitate just start learning a new skill at Cross Skill.

Inculcate new skills today to be an entrepreneur tomorrow

Becoming your own boss and an entrepreneur is the new coveted career choice of the 21st century. What is the status of the jobs nowadays? People are fed up with working jobs that leave them underpaid and unfulfilled.But what do entrepreneurs say?Although some entrepreneurs say that they are into this world to build a startup and run it, it’s never been easier for anyone to learn entrepreneur skills that can propel them into building a successful business.

Take a different path.
“Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship.” -Karndee Leopairote, Thammasat University.Do something that others won’t do. Read unusual books that may or maynot be relevant. Watch a movie in a different language. Travel to an unexpected spot. Talk to people that are out of your circle of comfort .”The Big Short” is a movie that depicts how several opportunistic entrepreneurs and investors managed to profit from the 2008 financial crisis by going against popular opinion.

Start a business

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” — Richard Branson. Whether you run a business on the sideline or full-time, you get the opportunity to grow your skills such as business planning, negotiation, sales, marketing,etc. Making a business successful only requires continuous changes and new learning.

Stick with challenges
“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” — Albert Einstein. Every successful entrepreneur has learned to develop their tenacity muscles. The life of an entrepreneur is never smooth sailing, and it takes a lot of guts to keep going in one direction when people doubt your abilities.To build perseverance, create a goal or challenge that is meaningful and don’t give you a chance to quit. Alternatively, give yourself a deadline to aim towards. For example, if you want to create a better blog, make a commitment to write 1,000 words every day for a year.Challenges always makes you better .

Manage your own finances
Understanding and implementing the basic finance is essential in running your own company smoothly. You don’t have to be an accountant or so , but you should at least be able to understand the basics around cash flow, assets, and profit and loss.Start by learning how to do your own taxes and manage your own budget and investments.

Practice communication skills
The best entrepreneurs have learned how to communicate their passion and dreams in an engaging way, both online and offline to this world. To learn how to speak publicly, join a Toastmasters group,and many other similar groups which offer to speak at workplace parties, or even emcee at your friend’s wedding.

So here on the concluding note I would like to say that ,”Inculcate new skills today to be an entrepreneur tomorrow.”Certain set of skills are must in your upcoming business life.So start mastering it from today to be an entrepreneur tomorrow.

Right Way to prioritize your daily tasks -the 80/20 rule

You’ve got a ton of work to do each day.Your to-do list is mostly an unstructured mess of action items, and you’ve only got a faint idea how to prioritize tasks. So what’s the solution to this? There are some (almost automatic) ways to quickly get your to-do list prioritized without much input. There have been a number of methods over the years, and all have their own quirks and considerations. The 80/20 rule, sometimes referred to as the Pareto Principle, basically states that 20% of your efforts end up producing 80% of your results. That’s why it’s important to manage your time in a way that focuses your attention on the key efforts that will produce the vast majority of your results.The 80 20 rule is one of the most helpful concepts in time management.

What Is The 80 20 Rule?
As I just mentioned, the 80 20 rule is also called the “Pareto Principle.” It was named after its founder, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, back in 1895. He noticed that people in society seemed to divide naturally or the top 20 percent in terms of money and influence, and the “trivial many,” or the bottom 80 percent. It was discovered later that virtually all economic activity was subject to this principle, for eg- 80 percent of the wealth of Italy during that time was controlled by 20 percent of the population.We can take Pareto’s 80 20 rule and can apply it to almost any situation.Understanding the Principle is necessary to apply it right to your tasks, days, weeks, and months. In business, it’s essential to do strategic planning, which is one of the leadership qualities shared by the world’s most important leaders.

How To Apply The 80 20 Rule To Goal Setting In Real Life?

Here’s what you can do in order to purely apply the 80/20 rule to setting SMART goals which will boost your overall productivity in life.

First, take a piece of paper and write down approximately ten goals on it. Then ask yourself: If you could only accomplish one of the goals on that list today, or certainly you have only one choice, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on your life?How will you decide?

Then pick the second most important goal. What you’ll get is, after you complete this exercise totally/completely, you will determine the most important 20 percent of your goals that will help you more than anything else and should be kept on priority.

You should continue working on these goals.So that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Eat The Biggest Frog First
We often see people who appear to be busy all day long but seem to accomplish very little. This is almost always because they are busy working on tasks that are of low value while they are procrastinating on the one or two activities that could make a real difference to their companies and to their careers.The thing is that we have to eat the biggest frog first.

The most valuable tasks you can do each day are often the hardest and are likely not to be picked first, but the payoff and rewards for completing them can be tremendous and amazing.

The rule for this is: resist the temptation to clear up small things first and start with the most important ones.

If you choose to start your day working on low-value tasks, you will soon develop the habit of always starting and working on low-value tasks in your whole life.So be wise and choose the right one.

But the sad fact is that most people procrastinate on the top 10 or 20 percent of items that are the most valuable and important, the “vital few,” and busy themselves instead with the least important 80 percent, the “trivial many,” that contribute very little to their success.The need of the hour is to adapt the 80-20 rule and start working on the things which matters the most to life.

Never Escape the Reality

Beads of sweat damping on your face, clenched-cold fingers, tense feeling, nervousness, heart rate pounding at it’s best, body trembling with fear. All these are the symptoms that you face in the various walks of your life- Ex- During an interview, or while showcasing the talent you possess, on a stage, before an audience or any other.

You know that you have prepared well enough for this day of your life but then too, you observe these symptoms which is a reflection of stage fright or as we say in simple words, the fear of presenting yourself before an audience. You should understand and believe that you are standing on this stage because you possess the talent that is yet to be unleashed before an audience, and you have always looked for this opportunity, to showcase your talent, gain applaud from the audience and get better each day and reach a bigger stage as time passes by.

But how will you reach to the stage of your dreams if you have stage fright. So, to help you, we have listed few of the points that will definitely help you to cope up with your stage fright and present yourself boldly on every stage you step on.

• Never give up- Never mind what other’s say, believe in yourself and never give up. Never let people intrude in your mind with their thoughts on your work or criticism and demotivate you. But you can focus and give a sight to constructive criticism, if required. Whatever comes your way, never give up.

• Believe your self- Know your worth. Trust your self, believe everything you do. Read some good self help books such as – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma, The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy etc. These books will guide you and pave your way to raise the trust you have in yourself and will transform your way of living.

• Maintain proper body language- Keeping proper gestures and maintaining a proper body language attracts the needed eyes and ears of your audience. Body language tells a lot about you and your personality, so it is very important to maintain a proper body language and use proper gestures at the needed point of time.

• Practice Practice Practice- That’s what makes you perfect. Practice is the key to success. Decide a particular time from your daily schedule to practice your performance and perform daily. If possible perform in front of people or a mirror, atleast.

• Take deep breaths before your performance- You need to relax and stop panicking and worrying about your stage performance. Take deep breaths before stepping on the stage and be confident. Taking deep breaths will keep you relaxed and poised.

• Meditate- Practice meditation daily for at least 10-15 minutes. It will keep your mind and soul, calm and composed. It will keep your mind fresh and refreshing for the whole tiring day.

• Be at best with your voice and instruments- When you step on the stage, be at your best. Perform your best. This is something which will raise your confidence and trust in yourself. And will enforce a sense of driving force inside you, to keep going.

• Start participating in every stage- Start participating and showcasing your talent in whichever stage you get a chance at. In this manner, you will get to know your competitors and will learn new things from them as well. Moreover you will know your value and where do you stand.

• Greet well- Always start your performance on the stage after wishing warm greetings to your audience. You can also tell in brief about yourself as well before starting your performance.

• Never mind primary failures- Failures are the stepping stone to success. At times, you may feel low, Or disoriented from the work you do, due to some primary failures. But don’t even think of giving up, use these failure stories as a lesson for you and keep going.

Helpful points? Indeed. Try incorporating these points for self improvement and to abolish your stage fear and present yourself in the best possible way before an audience. Keep going….!

Whatever it be, Keep it Real…!!

“Everyone has a story to tell”- Frank McCourt.
Human beings love to hear stories. It is something that bridges the gap between two people and brings them a bit closer. If we think a little more about it, life of a person is nothing but a collection of stories, some good ones and some bad too. Some that makes them proud, and some that makes them embarrassed.
Everybody is carrying in their hearts the stories of their lives which they sometimes share and sometimes don’t.
There is a scientific explanation for the love of stories by human beings: When a person hears a story that resonates with his/her own personality or life, the levels of a hormone called oxytocin increase, in their body. Oxytocin is considered to be a “happy hormone” which is released in the body when a person feel the surge of positive emotion.
A person always prefers to listen stories, over a random paragraph, when they conceive any information because stories make much more sense to them.
Well, there are good as well as bad ways of representing a story. A good presentation of a story casts a spell, whereas a bad presentation grabs no eyes or ears of the listener towards the storyteller.

What is storytelling?
Storytelling is an art of sharing stories by means of writing or telling it to an audience, in a way that it leaves a lasting impact on the heart and soul of the audience.

How can you become a storyteller?
Storytelling is an amazing art that casts a spell on the audience by means of enthralling stories. If you wish to become a good storyteller practice the points mentioned below-
• Keep it real, tell personal stories- Audience is easily attracted towards your story if they find it real and convincing. They sometimes even relate with your stories and this really helps in holding their attention. So, always keep your stories real and try to derive it from your own life story and personal experiences.

• Read enthralling stories- Try to devote some of your time in reading some good authors or the books of authors whom you find interesting. If you will read daily, your way of writing and telling stories will definitely improve.

• Write a lot- Write daily, write anything which you see or experience or anything you recall or find interesting. Of you don’t have any idea what to Write about. Start by writing about yourself and how you feel, how your day went, what you did and learnt today.

• Use details instead of facts- Try to incorporate as much details as you can to your stories, don’t add facts or stats use details. Describe your stories with means of details instead of facts.

• Provide structure to your story- Give your story a proper structure. A beginning, middle and a conclusion. You can even use write your stories in linear or non-linear way as well, which ever way suits to your story.

• Watch movies- Watching movies, and series, helps you in learning a lot about the representation of your story. By means of movies, you may learn, what sort of story will attract the audience. You may even gain few new ideas for your own story.

• Listen music- Listening to music is also a good way to derive ideas for your story. There are some songs which you listen on loop because they have something which attracts you. Try to write about the song you hear the most, and the meaning that you derive out of it.

• Listen podcasts- Podcasts are always in trend. There are so many diverse podcasts available on the virtual platforms, that are worth listening. They will help you a lot in understanding the way of presentation of your story.

The journey of every soul on earth is nothing but a collection of stories. So, use your power of storytelling to transform your basic bundle of stories into an amazing one. Always remember that you have so many usual stories in your possession but you may transform them into unusual and praised ones by using your storytelling skills.
So, start the journey of becoming a storyteller today.

Let the Hunting Begin!

To-be graduates are always stuck in the same loop of confusion- “I want a good job, but I need experience. How do I get the appropriate experience without a good job?” This is where internships come in. In today’s competitive job market, just having a degree, a good GPA, or online courses isn’t enough. Experience counts more than ever. But then again, it’s easier said than done. How do you find an internship with your given skill set out of this pool of infinite opportunities? And what skills can you brush up on before you start applying?

1. Start early and look small: Once you enter college, you realize the importance of your summer vacations. It’s not just about parties and trips and sunbathing by the beach. The internet becomes your Bible when you are internship hunting for the summer. But just dreaming of a great internship all year round and finally waking up from that dream a couple of months (or worse, weeks) before the internship season begins does not work. To secure a summer internship, it’s best to start around six months in advance to focus all your resources properly over time. Everyone dreams of working in their dream companies, but again, how can you get there with your real-life experience close to zilch? So, focus your search on a few small local companies initially. Chances are you’ll get the position, work more closely with the higher authorities, and gain some valuable experience.

2. Networking: Now, you’ve taken your first step by choosing to sit down and search for internships. But how exactly do you seek? This is a question that has haunted potential interns from time immemorial. One place you can start with is your peer network. Talk to your friends about their interests and how they’re going about with their search. Some of your peers might already be a step ahead of you and might have done some internships. Find out how they secured those internships. Else, tap into your school or university’s alumni network. Reach out to them and see what they have to say. Another place often overlooked is family and their connections. Ask your parents or relatives if the company they work at needs a little extra help via interns. The great part about searching for internships through personal contacts is that you might get a referral or two, which can go a long way. If none of this works, you can always get into the cold calling or emailing mode, or use resources such as LinkedIn or Monster.com. You can also refer to our detailed blog on networking and personal branding!

3. Be prompt and detail-oriented: Now, once a company shows interest in you, you have to revert to them with your curriculum vitae, cover letter, recommendations, portfolios, etc. Putting all of this together can be a gigantic and not very flattering task, but it must be done, and it must be done quickly. Responding to potential employers rapidly shows your keenness to work with them, and is a plus point. But, of course, before you send them the required documents as part of the application procedure, you have to make sure you’re sending in your best. For this, ask other trusted people to review your application and give feedback on how to improve it. DO NOT submit an application with incorrect spellings, grammar, or information.

4. Interview and follow-up: Now, your application has been accepted, and they would like to meet you for a short chat to get a sense of what kind of a person you are. How do you make a good impression on your first go? Here, your first impression might be your last one, so you have to make it count. And why shouldn’t you- after all, you’ve made it all this way to the interview! This is where your presentation and communication skills kick in. Knowing how to present yourself and create a lasting impression is vital, and excellent speaking skills are complementary. Check out our blog on polishing your communication skills! Answer questions to-the-point, and ask relevant questions too. After the interview, make sure to send a thank-you note to the interviewer for taking the time out and listening to you. But that’s not where it ends. Employers will take time to respond, but after a while, you need to show initiative and follow-up with them. This gives the impression that you are still interested in the job and eager to get started too.

Following these above-mentioned points religiously can prove to be more useful than they seem, and can even make or break your shot at that internship. So, get started today!