Ever gaped at a person and thought what a treasure of flair words, he/she is?
Well, I had. And I still do, a lot.
Perhaps, you too.
The mastery at communication has always proven to be useful to add a step further towards your goals in life.
“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”- Brian Tracy

Being articulate and well spoken is an art that can be mastered with the aid of polishing your communication skills and can boost your self-confidence. Here are some points that will definitely help you to polish your communication skills.

1. Enrich your vocabulary- To make your contents richer, start by enriching your vocabulary. Start reading books on daily basis. You can also keep pocket dictionary with you and look for the meanings of unknown words whenever you need. As ‘John Powell’ said- “ Communication works for those who work at it”.

2. Develop the habit of reading – If you don’t possess the habit of reading on daily basis, you are missing out on a lot of good things. Studies have shown that reading keeps your brain active, reduces stress, expands your vocabulary and improves your memory.
“When I think about how I understand my role as citizen, setting aside being president… the most important stuff I’ve learned I think I’ve learned from novels”, said President Obama in conversation
with the author Marilynne Robinson for The New York Review of Books.

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have,” said the two-time National Book Award winning late author, Lloyd Alexander, in an interview with Scholastic.

3. Wrap your message with stories– Whenever you deliver your message or you tell someone about
something, it is always better to wrap up the content with examples and stories related to the specific
topics. Stories make your content a more understandable one. Stories make the content in the communication strategy more personal and relatable and holds the attention of the listener.

4. Engage in conversations- Start striking conversations with known and unknown fellows. This will certainly help you in connecting with other’s and understanding them in a better way. You may also
end up by knowing some good words for you.

5. Polish your pronunciation- The best way to polish your pronunciation is by watching series and movies of the language you want to command. A good movie also shifts your perspective. You can also
listen to podcasts which are really helpful and easy to understand.

6. Maintain a Journal– “Maintaining a daily journal is one of the best personal growth initiatives you will ever take”, said Robin Sharma in his book. He further writes- A personal journal gives you a private place to flex your imagination and define your dreams. Writing in a journal promotes personal growth and will motivate you to write daily.

7. Be a listener- You learn very little when you play a vital role as a speaker before a person but you learn a lot more when you actually stay quiet and listen. This helps you in knowing the quality of content a person demands and you may present your message in the very same language and words he/she uses. “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”- Ernest Hemingway

I hope these points made sense to you and will help you in boosting your communication skills. Good
communication skills helps in boosting your self- confidence and self-esteem. If you will practice at least 2- 3 above mentioned points, you will definitely step up to the next level.

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“Having talent is fantastic. Having confidence is even more important.” –Robin Sharma

Every human in one way or the other, is unique and possess skills that may be different from others. We all possess talents that we flaunt and some that we hide. But what use is of, your talent if you don’t showcase it just because you feel shy and lack confidence to flaunt or present it.

Self-confidence means trusting yourself by all means, your each decision and your abilities. Self-confidence allows a person to keep negative thoughts and self-doubts at bay. It is different from self-esteem. Self-esteem means having a pride in yourself but self-confidence is freedom from your own doubts.

Below are few points and some examples that will definitely help you to keep self-doubts at bay and embrace your self-confidence.

“Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”- Vince Lombardi

1. Take small steps– Don’t try to reach the heights at once, you may perish. Take small steps. For ex- If you are a budding poet start participating in your college fests and open mics conducted in your city. This will not only improve your presentation skills but will help you to know your position at the field of poetry and know your competitors well. Don’t directly step on bigger stages, you may experience a mishap. Learn sharply and then start participating in the competitions that avail bigger platforms.

2. Identify what’s stopping you? – If you are shy to give a try to something or showcase the skill or talent you possess, start making a list of points, that’s stopping you to show your abilities
to the world.

3. Stop comparing yourself with others– You are doing your best. Always know your worth. Never compare yourself with others, try to learn from them.
“The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday”.

4. Set achievable goals- Set goals that you are capable of achieving. And be persistent towards them. You may face new challenge everyday but no matter what comes your way just keep going. “Goal must always be based upon your resources otherwise it is just a wish. Everyone has a wish but very few people have goals” –Sandeep Maheshwari

5. Never feel shy to ask– The more you ask, the more you get. If you will never ask for things and opportunities how will you get hold on those things. So, feel free to consult the experts and clear your doubts. “He who asks may be a fool for five minutes. He who doesn’t is a fool for a lifetime”.

6. Close doors for all destructive criticism- Wisely close your eyes and ears for all sorts of destructive criticism. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and always encourage you to move forward.
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

I hope these points makes sense and will help you in enhancing your self-confidence and stepping towards your definite goals. Start seeing self-confidence as a must wearing jewelry. When you will start wearing this jewelry, no one can stop you from moving ahead.

Reference Books
1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
2. Who will Cry When you Die by Robin Sharma

Never Escape the Reality

Beads of sweat damping on your face, clenched-cold fingers, tense feeling, nervousness, heart rate pounding at it’s best, body trembling with fear. All these are the symptoms that you face in the various walks of your life- Ex- During an interview, or while showcasing the talent you possess, on a stage, before an audience or any other.

You know that you have prepared well enough for this day of your life but then too, you observe these symptoms which is a reflection of stage fright or as we say in simple words, the fear of presenting yourself before an audience. You should understand and believe that you are standing on this stage because you possess the talent that is yet to be unleashed before an audience, and you have always looked for this opportunity, to showcase your talent, gain applaud from the audience and get better each day and reach a bigger stage as time passes by.

But how will you reach to the stage of your dreams if you have stage fright. So, to help you, we have listed few of the points that will definitely help you to cope up with your stage fright and present yourself boldly on every stage you step on.

• Never give up- Never mind what other’s say, believe in yourself and never give up. Never let people intrude in your mind with their thoughts on your work or criticism and demotivate you. But you can focus and give a sight to constructive criticism, if required. Whatever comes your way, never give up.

• Believe your self- Know your worth. Trust your self, believe everything you do. Read some good self help books such as – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma, The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy etc. These books will guide you and pave your way to raise the trust you have in yourself and will transform your way of living.

• Maintain proper body language- Keeping proper gestures and maintaining a proper body language attracts the needed eyes and ears of your audience. Body language tells a lot about you and your personality, so it is very important to maintain a proper body language and use proper gestures at the needed point of time.

• Practice Practice Practice- That’s what makes you perfect. Practice is the key to success. Decide a particular time from your daily schedule to practice your performance and perform daily. If possible perform in front of people or a mirror, atleast.

• Take deep breaths before your performance- You need to relax and stop panicking and worrying about your stage performance. Take deep breaths before stepping on the stage and be confident. Taking deep breaths will keep you relaxed and poised.

• Meditate- Practice meditation daily for at least 10-15 minutes. It will keep your mind and soul, calm and composed. It will keep your mind fresh and refreshing for the whole tiring day.

• Be at best with your voice and instruments- When you step on the stage, be at your best. Perform your best. This is something which will raise your confidence and trust in yourself. And will enforce a sense of driving force inside you, to keep going.

• Start participating in every stage- Start participating and showcasing your talent in whichever stage you get a chance at. In this manner, you will get to know your competitors and will learn new things from them as well. Moreover you will know your value and where do you stand.

• Greet well- Always start your performance on the stage after wishing warm greetings to your audience. You can also tell in brief about yourself as well before starting your performance.

• Never mind primary failures- Failures are the stepping stone to success. At times, you may feel low, Or disoriented from the work you do, due to some primary failures. But don’t even think of giving up, use these failure stories as a lesson for you and keep going.

Helpful points? Indeed. Try incorporating these points for self improvement and to abolish your stage fear and present yourself in the best possible way before an audience. Keep going….!

Whatever it be, Keep it Real…!!

“Everyone has a story to tell”- Frank McCourt.
Human beings love to hear stories. It is something that bridges the gap between two people and brings them a bit closer. If we think a little more about it, life of a person is nothing but a collection of stories, some good ones and some bad too. Some that makes them proud, and some that makes them embarrassed.
Everybody is carrying in their hearts the stories of their lives which they sometimes share and sometimes don’t.
There is a scientific explanation for the love of stories by human beings: When a person hears a story that resonates with his/her own personality or life, the levels of a hormone called oxytocin increase, in their body. Oxytocin is considered to be a “happy hormone” which is released in the body when a person feel the surge of positive emotion.
A person always prefers to listen stories, over a random paragraph, when they conceive any information because stories make much more sense to them.
Well, there are good as well as bad ways of representing a story. A good presentation of a story casts a spell, whereas a bad presentation grabs no eyes or ears of the listener towards the storyteller.

What is storytelling?
Storytelling is an art of sharing stories by means of writing or telling it to an audience, in a way that it leaves a lasting impact on the heart and soul of the audience.

How can you become a storyteller?
Storytelling is an amazing art that casts a spell on the audience by means of enthralling stories. If you wish to become a good storyteller practice the points mentioned below-
• Keep it real, tell personal stories- Audience is easily attracted towards your story if they find it real and convincing. They sometimes even relate with your stories and this really helps in holding their attention. So, always keep your stories real and try to derive it from your own life story and personal experiences.

• Read enthralling stories- Try to devote some of your time in reading some good authors or the books of authors whom you find interesting. If you will read daily, your way of writing and telling stories will definitely improve.

• Write a lot- Write daily, write anything which you see or experience or anything you recall or find interesting. Of you don’t have any idea what to Write about. Start by writing about yourself and how you feel, how your day went, what you did and learnt today.

• Use details instead of facts- Try to incorporate as much details as you can to your stories, don’t add facts or stats use details. Describe your stories with means of details instead of facts.

• Provide structure to your story- Give your story a proper structure. A beginning, middle and a conclusion. You can even use write your stories in linear or non-linear way as well, which ever way suits to your story.

• Watch movies- Watching movies, and series, helps you in learning a lot about the representation of your story. By means of movies, you may learn, what sort of story will attract the audience. You may even gain few new ideas for your own story.

• Listen music- Listening to music is also a good way to derive ideas for your story. There are some songs which you listen on loop because they have something which attracts you. Try to write about the song you hear the most, and the meaning that you derive out of it.

• Listen podcasts- Podcasts are always in trend. There are so many diverse podcasts available on the virtual platforms, that are worth listening. They will help you a lot in understanding the way of presentation of your story.

The journey of every soul on earth is nothing but a collection of stories. So, use your power of storytelling to transform your basic bundle of stories into an amazing one. Always remember that you have so many usual stories in your possession but you may transform them into unusual and praised ones by using your storytelling skills.
So, start the journey of becoming a storyteller today.

Trust Your Way,Be Consistent Each Day

There are supreme inner drive of forces that leads, a person to accept, overcome or attain, accordingly, whatever life throws at them.
You may have a pile of work and to complete it all, in a definite amount of time, you must have consistency, which always pushes you towards your fixed goals. Such a driving force is very essential if one wishes to attain his/her desires.
Maintaining consistency in your work, is a skill that every person aim for, but majority of them end up when they face a primary failure, a misfortune or due to their own habit of procrastination.
Regardless, there are many known and proven habits or work techniques that will help you to attain, the demanded consistency in your life. So, without wasting any other second of your life, have a look at few of them-

• Pen down your definite plans and goals- Set proper goals and list down whatever you aim at. Your determined goals is what keeps your going on and on. Work on whatever you wish to achieve, by the end of the day, week, month, the following year and even the successive years. Pen them down and place it, where you see it daily.

• Create your schedule- Creating a schedule, each day helps you in saving time and investing it, on your desired goals. Don’t just dive upon everything you aim at, in the first place. But prepare a structured plan for each goal followed by a proper deadline. That will surely help you in maintaining a friendly alliance with your goals.

• Use sticky notes- List down your daily tasks in a sticky note and stick it at a place where your eyes fall upon a lot. When you complete the tasks mentioned in it, strike them one by one. And you will definitely feel “Apun Hi Bhagwan h”. Sorry, it went up to a mark but trust me you will feel that you are on cloud nine.

• Keep going irrespective of what people say, trust your way- Keep your mind fixed towards your goals and never mind what people say. Always remember that everyone has so much suggestions and opinions to offer but nothing to contribute towards your goals. So, never be discouraged of any negative comments or failed attempts.

• Keep your work and schedule interesting- Don’t stick to studying all day long else you will be bored and you will definitely not follow your schedule, so pen down your working schedule by adding little breaks between the studies, for entertainment purpose.

Consistency breeds satisfactory results and leads a person to achieve his/her goals. So, keep moving on irrespective, of whatever comes to obstruct your way. I assure you, if you will follow the points mentioned above you will definitely maintain consistency in your work.


Time is a precious tool that is once mastered will definitely help you in stepping stones towards your success. “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned”, this famous quote was written by ‘Benjamin Franklin’. Time management statistics show that 87% of students could achieve better grades if they possess better time management skills. Time management skill can be defined as the skills which help an individual to channel his/her precious time in order to make full use of it by utilizing it in useful activities which concerns one’s interests or goals. Given below is a list of things which will definitely help you in managing your time at its best:

●Schedule your time- Schedule your time which you wish, to invest in specific tasks. It helps you to perform each task based on your time preference. Make an advanced schedule (a day before it is to be done) and try to stick to it. It may seem a little impossible to follow it but trust me every new adaptation takes its time to become a habithabit

●Schedule your task- Scheduling your time works better when you also schedule your daily tasks. Pen down the tasks, you wish to perform for a specific day, on sticky notes, and stick it where it is easily visible to you. Also strike it, one by one as you complete them. Trust me, that feels great.

●Setting your goals- Set your goals for a particular day, week, month, and even the year. A recent study shows that 14% of people who set goals are ten times more successful than those who don’t. Try to accomplish, your goals within a certain time limit, which again will be fixed by you. Set your goals and tasks according to your future priorities. Setting your goals, primarily requires knowing the goals you wish to achieve in your life and this in turn helps you in making goal-oriented decisions.

●Strategic Planning- Scheduling your time and tasks requires proper and strategic planning according to your goals. Setting up proper plans for your goals is one of the most basic steps towards its achievement.

●Prioritize your work- While scheduling your daily task, write down in the order of it’s decreasing priority. It helps you get most of the work done. And once, we are done with bigger tasks small tasks can be done easily.

●Set up deadlines- Setting up deadlines helps in overcoming the procrastination. It also reminds you to complete your task on or before the specified time. So, whenever you write down your tasks for the day, week, or month, specify a deadline for it.

●Turn Off your Notifications-Temptation of checking your phone every minute is the biggest distraction the majority of people face these days. Recent research reveals that solely texting takes up to 28 minutes of the time of an individual on a daily basis. The pop-up notifications are designed in such a way that they trigger the attention of the user. Hence, turn off your notifications and divert your useful time into beneficial activities.

All the above-stated points have proven helpful for me and I know it will definitely work for you as well. So, start today, or else Why today? Start from now. Switch off your desktop, grab a notebook and pen and start summarizing all the things to be done and manage your time in the best possible way and favor yourself with the rarest treat of strategically devoting your time, towards your goals.

Tips on How to Deliver an Impactful Introduction

We are asked to introduce ourselves at many points in our lives. Introducing ourselves confidently in front of new people is an art that is a must to master. An introduction is brief self-explanatory information about your own self which holds the power to let the audience know, a little about you.
The way we introduce ourselves foretells a lot about us. A good introduction can leave a solid impact on the minds of the audience and fulfill your purpose whereas a bad introduction holds the power to defame your persona.
This blog will help you to know how to introduce yourself in a compelling manner to leave a lasting impression on whosoever you deliver. The points mentioned below will help you in preparing a solid introduction:-

● Keep it brief – Your introduction should be brief and to the point. It should contain all the necessary details about you in a pleasing manner. Don’t try to fill in all the details but just provide the crucial ones.

●Use short sentences- Always use short sentences in your introduction as it helps the audience to grab useful information. As far as possible, avoid long sentences or mixing two sentences.

●Say unusual things- Saying unusual things is yet another way to make your introduction a remarkable one. When you say something unusual about yourself, the audience remembers you. This formula always works. You can tell about your unusual hobbies and the audience will definitely remember you for your uniqueness.

● Tell the name of the movie character with whom you relate the most- This is the best way to let your audience know about your personality. Just name a character (from any movie Or series) that you relate to the most. Adding the name of the character you relate your traits with, is probably the best way to define yourself using minimal words. Also, remember that though it is a very interesting trick it may not always be useful. For this, you should know your audience first and choose wisely.

●Be confident- What most people pay attention to is adding good words to make up their introduction but what one really needs is to present it confidently and with flair.

●Add adjectives that describe you – An introduction should contain the adjectives which describe you in a really good manner. Insert adjectives at proper places but necessarily, when needed. Don’t try to add everything that describes you instead add some specifics.

● Maintain a pace- Keep a certain pace or rhythm in your words while introducing yourself. Delivering an introduction with proper pacing helps the audience in grabbing all the words you say. And this method will also buy you time and helps you to think of your next sentence.

Helping, indeed. So, next time when you introduce yourself keep in mind the points stated above and that will definitely leave a lasting impression on your audience.