Geniuses Talk to Themselves

According to the dictionary, a genius is someone who has an exceptional talent or skill that is beyond the norms. Simply put,  geniuses are just the normal people who know how to utilize their mind, body and energy in the right direction to achieve anything. So many people think that geniuses are born with it however, much to their surprise and luckily, geniuses are MADE. 

The question we should be asking now is, how? Well, first of all, there is not just one thing that makes up a genius however, we will be discussing one such habit that all geniuses practice and that is, talking to themselves.

It might sound weird at first but if you go ahead and do a little research you will find highly successful people speaking about this trait and how it helped them. Just don’t do it in public!

Science behind it- Normally, there is a horrendous number of thoughts that we have every day clearly, every thought is not important in fact, most of them are immaterial. When we talk ourselves through those thoughts we are able to derive sense out of them and also get a clearer picture of how many of them are invaluable.

According to the scientists at Bangor University, talking out loud to yourself is a “trait of higher cognitive function.”

All this is not related to you being born with this trait. The good news is that you can very well develop it like any other skill.


Talk Like a Friend- Talk to yourself as you would with a friend. Our mind is a highly vulnerable friend that often gets terrified, sad, happy, distracted purely because of the thoughts. Now, you act like a mature friend, talk to this friend, literally and you will see the changes for the better. 

Actively conversing with ourselves gives greater insights about what we want and what is right for ourselves than talking to someone else. If we get into the more spiritual realm of the things, Bhagavad Gita says that all the answers to the questions lie within us, we need to connect to ourselves to find them and hence, so many people practice meditation.

If you believe more in the science of things and not in spirituality it’s safe to tell you that even the scientists believe talking out loud to ourselves is beneficial for our mental health.

Ask Questions- The significance of asking questions is not unknown to anyone. It is just as important to ask questions to yourself as it is to anyone else. Question your actions, question your thoughts, question preconceived notions, question everything. There is no harm in asking but there is definitely some amount of danger involved if we go about living our lives without questioning the norms and reasoning out and geniuses do not do that.

Positive & Negative Self-Talk- “I am so stupid!”, “Why am I so dumb?”, “I am terrible”. Do these sound like you have heard them before? We are all guilty of it. At some point in our lives we have said harsh things to ourselves for the smallest of reasons. 

Sometimes we mean them and sometimes we do not. We all need to outgrow this nature from our lives forever even if we do not mean it because still it hampers our mental health. 

Talking good things automatically uplifts the mood. There is a saying that goes like “You are not happy and that is why you are laughing, you are laughing and that is why you are happy”, the same is true for talking out loud. Our actions tend to decide our mood more than the thoughts. 

Positive talk ensures the right course of action and vice versa for the negative talk. Therefore, it’s imperative to be mindful while talking to ourselves.   

When you listen to yourself and value your opinions more than others’ and lead through your instinct then, there’s a higher possibility of success and fulfillment in every area of life by directing your energies in the right direction. This is exactly what the geniuses do.  

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