Confused, What to learn in this Pandemic?

The implementation of lockdown and it’s unending extension is pushing young minds towards virtual platforms for the purpose of the study. We all browse daily to learn some additional skills. But, we eventually become so confused once we start looking for a perfect course to opt for. 

Today, I will be listing some of the skills that doesn’t necessarily require much of your time and attention to adapt and are easy to learn. It will transform your basic mind into a creative one, making you more interactive and will help you in being outstanding.

  • Learn a foreign language- Learning a foreign language is one of the most outstanding skill that you can opt. It helps you in increasing your memory, advancing critical-thinking skills, enhancing your concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills. There are so many virtual platforms that provide easy access towards learning a new language
  • Photography– It’s not important to own an expensive camera to learn photography. Your smart phones can click better pictures than an expensive camera when accessed with incredible knowledge of photography and new ideas. Photography relieves stress, tension, it terminates new ideas and imagination in your mind and help you to stay motivated.
  • Learn the skills of non-verbal communication- Non-verbal skills are must to master if you are in the field of storytelling, public speaking or any other skill which demands the presentation of your words in a more understandable and creative manner. So, you start using non-verbal skills in your daily communication, you will see the tremendous impact of your words on the listener. 
  • Public speaking- The art of Public Speaking allows us to form connections, influence the decisions of people, and convince them by the means of stories that are build up with easy to understand words. Public Speaking add feathers to your confidence and helps you in being more interactive. Maintaining a good reputation your personal and professional life.
  • Reading books- Reading books can strengthen your vocabulary and pave the way towards new ideas. You can learn so much from a book. It reduces stress, improves your concentration, add feathers to your reading skills and freshen up your mood. 
  • Writing- Writing is the a way in which you can showcase your ideas and opinions. It keeps you happier and helps you in dealing with hard times. Writing tests your vocabulary. You can write journal, poems, short stories, blogs etc. It boosts your creativity.
  • Storytelling-  Storytelling helps you in increasing your ideas and creativity. It helps you to express your happenings by adding comedy and humor to make it more engaging and easy to understand.

Learning new skills increases your self-confidence, makes you more creative, relatable, interactive and helps you get better jobs and earn more money. 

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned skills, start learning them today. I bet by the end of this pandemic you will come out as an interactive and outstanding personality.

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