Building Your Own Brand

Your life is much more than a collection of college degrees, that you may flaunt in front of the eyeballs of the people and getting a job which may or may not hold your interest for long, but when you pursue a career of your choice it quenches your thirst of doing something on your own, for yourself. 

Knowing your interest area and pursuing a career in it is the best and biggest gift that you can serve yourself for your entire life.

Maybe you have already paved your way to enrich your interest area and make a brand or provide services on your own or maybe you are afraid to do so because you lack the proper knowledge, needed to transform your skills into a brand or service.

I’m listing a few skills and the platforms that you can choose, to raise money and stardom by showcasing your skills-

  • Dancing-Your passion towards dancing can make you famous and wealthy in no time. Start your YouTube channel and upload your dance videos. You can even start your own dance academy if you have resources to start with one. If you lack resources to start your own academy you may contact some famous academies, of the city, you live in and join it as a trainer. You may even participate in the local, national and international level dance competitions, it will add your recognition in the field of dancing. If you are comfortable in teaching online you can look out for virtual platforms that hire trainers and become a member of their dance faculty.
  • Photography- If you are zealous about clicking pictures, create your own photography pages on various social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram etc. and start posting your work. Use trending hashtags, follow and tag emerging photographers. It is not necessary to have a DSLR camera, in first place with you, you may click pictures with your mobile camera as well and buy a DSLR, later. You can pursue a photography course and work as a freelancer.
  • Writing- If you are a passionate writer or you are willing to become one, start your own blog. Join writer’s blogs and evolve your writing skills. Work as a freelance writer. You can even collaborate with few writers within your reach and publish your own book. Apply in various companies that hire writers and work for them. Be active on social media apps and never fail to present your views on the ongoing happenings. You can also create your YouTube channel and present your views and write-ups. 
  • Musical Instruments- If you have a relevant skill of singing and playing a musical instrument you can showcase it on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Start tagging artists who promotes emerging musicians and try to gain their attention by presenting their pieces in the best possible way. Use relevant hashtags on social media platforms. You can even start your own music academy or can work as a trainer in one. If you are comfortable in teaching online you can look out for virtual platforms that hire trainers and become a member of their faculty. 
  • Fluency in Foreign Language- Needless to mention, that fluency in a foreign language will help you in gaining excellent amount of money. You can work as a translator in a company and gain a good sum of money. You can even create your own YouTube channel and teach foreign language their as well. You may also join as a Foreign Language instructor in a company and gain money.
  • Teaching- We all are aware how teaching has evolved over the years. Some years back we never thought that students will be studying the whole syllabus on virtual platforms. If you are interested in teaching, you can reach out to various platforms which hire instructors for their company. Apply in these company and enjoy the facility of teaching with home.


The cheaper internet connections and availability of smart phones on every hands has given the power to become a content creator and rise and shine each day by making your content easily accessible on the platforms where you can increase the reachability of your products and services within no time and gain a good amount of money and popularity as well. 

Whatever you do on a digital platforms try to convert it into a digital product. Be active and post on regular basis. You may start your own podcast, blog, YouTube channel, graphic designing page, a website of your own, and many other works as well. Learn the art of engaging audience and follow strategies to increase engagement and reachability of your work. Focus on making your talent a brand.

Needless to mention, there are so many points that I can mention but these are some of the worth mentioning skills, that I came up with. If you have read the contents in each points, by now, you might have got an answer, as to how you can start earning money from your talent.

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