Cash Vs Cashless: Save Money

A journey from a purely monetary economy to an unintentional economy without a comprehensive plan, education, and a visualization strategy alone. Moving from cash to low income alone is a very difficult and complicated task without any major steps and actions. Moving to a cashless or digital community takes a lot then just talking, moreover it is lookin more of a talk show than reality. This journey looks very easy in notebooks or it is written on blogs or papers but the reality of the world is very complex and very different.So our question here is “For all those hassles / efforts what is needed” Cash against Cash orCash against Case. “

Payment Systems
It is a digital currency of choice that comes with being compelled to do digital work to meet the basic requirements of two different aspects and different impacts. The big mindset is huge and this is what is called the gap between the minimum wage to the payer. Currently, money is still the master of the world and is preferred by many over digital transactions.While moving to electronics there is a strong need to build a robust, risk-free payment platform.How many people in the world have access to banking compared to how many subordinatesand how many have access to the bank but don’t use it for any reason? The gaps of suchproblems affect any economy completely. What happened in India on the 8th of November 2016 is a stunning success for digital currencies and overnight cash-flow (albeit ineffective and ineffective).

Some Instances
If we took this idea away from the black people they were looking for then it is not a good idea as black money traders (20% of the 100% of the Indian population) are not afraid at all. Let me give you my reasons for it in my calculations. Completed official amount of coin (As this technology cannot be called Demonetization because INR 2000 (USD $ 29.4)) the paper came out with a high amount of INR 1000 (USD $ 14.7) which is 85% of the money circulated in India. It has the same negative and positive effect both over time and in the short term. Themiddle class business is dead or will be dead. Demonetization handles the stock problem. When short-term cash-related items are fixed, expect new spending restrictions and ongoing cash withdrawals. These measures will continue to impose a change in behavior. Which means that demons associated with GST (Indian tax) will kill small and medium-sized businesses.

A world where all the wishes of the Government are completely placed on the people will not be a good, uncomfortable, or happy mind. Compared to observations by Venezuelan President Nicolás Madura on Sunday (11-December-2016) he has made the announcement that the100-volume manual, now worth only two percents (at 1.6p) in the black market, will be released on Wednesday (14-Dec-2016). The Venezuelans will then have 10 days to exchange notes in the central bank may be required and long-awaited items.

So the billion dollar question is; can we really be a Cashless society?

New research looks at and compares information on payment options in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.S. Dutch love debit cards; French paper checks are still common in France and US Digital is the same, not a replacement, a money laundering, and a humorous economy is actually a low income economy, because no economy can be as widespread or as economical as ever. Although some economies are close enough.


Is Cash more Costly to Manage than Cashless? If physical and digital money has its costs, then what is the point of paying cash bills and promoting a “low income” or high-risk society? Why do we need cash If not for lemonade or small street food items in a small grocery store at roadsides .According to me we can go cashless for months without even currency for months.How much do we need this before it goes official.

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