Time is a precious tool that is once mastered will definitely help you in stepping stones towards your success. “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned”, this famous quote was written by ‘Benjamin Franklin’. Time management statistics show that 87% of students could achieve better grades if they possess better time management skills. Time management skill can be defined as the skills which help an individual to channel his/her precious time in order to make full use of it by utilizing it in useful activities which concerns one’s interests or goals. Given below is a list of things which will definitely help you in managing your time at its best:

●Schedule your time- Schedule your time which you wish, to invest in specific tasks. It helps you to perform each task based on your time preference. Make an advanced schedule (a day before it is to be done) and try to stick to it. It may seem a little impossible to follow it but trust me every new adaptation takes its time to become a habithabit

●Schedule your task- Scheduling your time works better when you also schedule your daily tasks. Pen down the tasks, you wish to perform for a specific day, on sticky notes, and stick it where it is easily visible to you. Also strike it, one by one as you complete them. Trust me, that feels great.

●Setting your goals- Set your goals for a particular day, week, month, and even the year. A recent study shows that 14% of people who set goals are ten times more successful than those who don’t. Try to accomplish, your goals within a certain time limit, which again will be fixed by you. Set your goals and tasks according to your future priorities. Setting your goals, primarily requires knowing the goals you wish to achieve in your life and this in turn helps you in making goal-oriented decisions.

●Strategic Planning- Scheduling your time and tasks requires proper and strategic planning according to your goals. Setting up proper plans for your goals is one of the most basic steps towards its achievement.

●Prioritize your work- While scheduling your daily task, write down in the order of it’s decreasing priority. It helps you get most of the work done. And once, we are done with bigger tasks small tasks can be done easily.

●Set up deadlines- Setting up deadlines helps in overcoming the procrastination. It also reminds you to complete your task on or before the specified time. So, whenever you write down your tasks for the day, week, or month, specify a deadline for it.

●Turn Off your Notifications-Temptation of checking your phone every minute is the biggest distraction the majority of people face these days. Recent research reveals that solely texting takes up to 28 minutes of the time of an individual on a daily basis. The pop-up notifications are designed in such a way that they trigger the attention of the user. Hence, turn off your notifications and divert your useful time into beneficial activities.

All the above-stated points have proven helpful for me and I know it will definitely work for you as well. So, start today, or else Why today? Start from now. Switch off your desktop, grab a notebook and pen and start summarizing all the things to be done and manage your time in the best possible way and favor yourself with the rarest treat of strategically devoting your time, towards your goals.


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