Earn Upto 1 lakh Per Month, Learn Top 7 Skills in 2020

There was a time when learning skills were not considered as somewhat useful. Common thoughts can be heard, is it a useful tool or just a time pass? It’s evident as of now that learning Skills can create wonders and moreover when you can learn them from your home too. Skills are something which is beyond boundaries, anyone with zeal, interest, passion, etc can learn and accelerate their career. These skills, when mastered once, will allow you to earn up to lakhs per month. But earning lakhs is not everything, right? The point is, we have to dive deeper into the subject and should be able to analyze the current scenario. So how does learning skills will allow you to earn up to lakhs per month?

1) Coding– If you’re a programming geek and not making money, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. If you are familiar with languages such as C++, HTML, Python, NET, and PHP, then you can get paid to code online. The journey of becoming a programming geek starts with learning a language basics, it can be in C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Html5, and many more. According to ​a study by Glassdoor,​ it is of no wonder that 8 of the top 25 jobs these years are of tech firms.​As a result, coding has become a core skill that bolsters a candidate’s chances of commanding a high salary. Burning Glass researchers found that jobs that require coding skills pay up to $22,000 per year more, on average.

2) Graphic Designing– According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual graphic designer salary in 2018 was $50,370. Compare that to the $38,640 average for all occupations and you can see these creative pros earn a respectable living. Here comes the question that What are some of the important graphic design skills? The answer to this was bit researched and was concluded by the analysis of more than 50,000 graphic designers’ job postings from past years.
Here’s what the research founds
● Adobe Creative Suite® (Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®)
● Typesetting
● Social media
● Website design
● Digital design
● Packaging
● Project management
● Marketing materials
● Art direction
● Illustration

3) Video Editing-According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, film and video editors in the U.S. make an average of $40 an hour. A video editor’s hourly rate can go from $20 an hour on one project to $40 on another. It all depends on the client and the type of work required. As with most video editing jobs, location is key. So what does a video editor do? At the most basic level, a video editor’s job is to tell a story. Combining various clips and audios together to create a cohesive vision is the goal. So learning this skill will only add to your asset.

4) Animation-The animation industry continues to thrive and produce box office magic. According to a recent ​market research report​, the size of the global animation industry was USD 222 billion in 2013. Major animation markets include the United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea, and Germany. The animation is a growing sector as of now and will be fruitful as a whole in the future if learned as a skill.

5) Influencer Marketing– ​As social media becomes a more integrated part of our lives, influencer marketing has exploded. People are turning to their favorite Instagram models, Twitter personalities, and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions. Researchers have shown that 6 in 10 teens follow advice from influencers over celebrities. Also according to experts, the influencer marketing industry is expected to hit $10bn by 2020.

6) Digital Marketing– Digital marketing is constantly evolving, with marketers always exploring new ways to engage customers and create experiences that excite audiences. ​There is plenty of room for people looking to enter the world of digital marketing and related careers. In 2019, some of the most in-demand skills are content creation and curation.

7) Web development-According to the ​Bureau of Labor Statistics​, the employment of Web developers in the US is projected to grow 27% from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Web Development is simply a combination of frontend development and backend development. The reality is that every new startup that comes in needs a web developer at first. So it is the most in-demand skill in need which can make you earn tons of money.

So these are some trending skills of 2020 that will allow you to earn some handy amounts of money. Also, you can check out the ​CrossSkills​ page to know more about the new trending skills that will allow you to earn up-to lakhs per month.

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