Pursuing interest with job, secret to happiness, positivity!

We’ve often heard that to be successful, we have to figure out whate’re passionate about first. No matter what we aspire to, we’ve got to love what we do to be successful at it.

This is one thing and obviously, a very important one indeed. Because, as the saying, blessed are those who wake up every morning to do what they love the most. But, what if life doesn’t turn out that way (which is the case more often than it isn’t). What if you get thrown into a career, however tumultuous the situations of your engagement, which you have to drag yourself to every day! And this is relevant even if your line of work gets you a hefty paycheck, but you just don’t like what you do.

The solution to this, pretty simple indeed, is to find and follow your passion. Take time out, however busy your schedule, to do what you love. Take the example of Andrew Flintoff, who, in his cricketing prime used boxing as a tool to vent out his on-field stress. And even though some of you might say, that being an international cricketer, being showered with all that wealth, fame and the sheer satisfaction of mattering in other people’s lives might’ve been enough for a person, but Flintoff, fortunately, thought different. For now, he has made a name for himself in the boxing arena post-retirement from cricket. Andrew was a great example, but he was somewhat ‘justifyingly’ privileged enough to switch careers like that, but let us take the example of Mr. Brandon Stanton, the go-to photographer for every New York hotshot. He didn’t give up on his passion, his dream, of capturing 10000 people on the streets of NYC. And we all know where he did end up!!

The above examples are definitive of what a change a strict follow of passion whilst slogging through a job can do. But what change does this bring to the way one goes about everything in the workplace, how does it bring happiness, positivity into one’s life. Below are some of the key factors to the same:

• Mental stability: however unpleasant the work circumstances in the office, an hour or two with the things you love the most (your passion), can wrap the mind around the events.

• Zeal: enthusiasm to finish work and to get to your passion or to escalate through new achievements in terms of your passion can easily boost the individual’s moral; moreover this kind of energy is reflected upon the co-workers as well.

• Time management: the will to continue with your passion brings about a new change in you, i.e., to find time for it, to find time for it in the busiest of days, to find time for it in the laziest of moods.

• Confidence: with any new skill, information comes the confidence. This further helps in making great leaders.

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