Robert Ross Oil Painting Technique - Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a listing of faq about typically the BOB ROSS Essential oil Painting Technique and some instruction about the use and proper care of the materials.


This technique refers to typically the softening of hard sides and most visible hair brush strokes by blending often the wet oil paint for the canvas with a clear, dry brush. In mixing, an already painted spot is brushed very casually with criss-cross strokes or even by gently tapping using the corner of the clean. This provides colors a delicate and healthy appearance. Not really all oil chemicals will be ideal for this method - most are too delicate and tend to be able to smear. Simply a thick, firm paint is appropricate for this procedure.


To mix paints to a marbled influence, place the different decorated paints on the blending area of your own personal panoplie and use your color scheme knife to pick right up and flip the chemicals together, after that pull flat. Streaks of each one color will need to be visible inside mixture. Do not over combination.


When mixing chemicals for application over fuller paints already on often the paper, especially when incorporating highlight colorings, thin the particular paint using LIQUID WHITE, LIQUID CLEAR or UNSMELLING THINNER. Often the rule to be able to remember here is which a thin paint will follow a fuller paint.


Painting with the moist about wet technique requires frequent and thorough washing of your respective brushes with color thinner and more fit. An empty 1 pound espresso can is definitely ideal to hold often the thinner, or use almost any textbox approximately 5" within height and at-least 6" deep. Place a Baby trend Ross Screen in often the bottom on the can together with fill together with odorless thinner and more fit approximately 1" above the screen. Scrub the tooth brushes bristles against the tv screen to remove paint sediments that can settle on the bottom of the may.

Dry your larger tooth brushes by carefully squeezing them against the inside involving the coffee might, after that slapping the bristles in opposition to a brush beater tray mounted inside of the tall in height kitchen trash container to clear out the remainder of the thinner. More compact tooth brushes can be cleaned by simply wiping them with report towel or maybe a bad (I extremely recommend using Viva paper towels because they are very absorbent). Do certainly not return this brushes to their plastic hand bags after use, this particular will cause the brush bristles to turn into limp. Never clean your own personal Bob Ross brushes together with soap together with water or maybe detergent as this will destroy the normal power of the bristles. Retail outlet your brushes together with brush bristles up or laying even.


Utilize the 2" brush using long, company vertical and even horizontal shots across the particular canvas. The coating associated with Liquid WHITE should be quite, very thin and also. Implement just just before you begin for you to paint. Do not let typically the paint to dried before you begin.


I suggest using a new panoplie at least 16"x20" in size. Attempt planning the colors all around the outer edge of your panoplie through light to dim. Leave the center involving the colour pallette intended for mixing your paints.


To fully download the inside bristles regarding your brush first maintain it perpendicular to this palette and work often the bristles into the pile of paint. Then positioning สีทนความร้อน at a 45 level angle, pull the brush all over your own personal palette and away from stack of paint. Flipping your brush from side to side is going to insure each sides will be loaded smoothly.

(NOTE: When the bristles come to a chiseled or even sharp flat fringe, often the brush is loaded properly. )

For some swings a person may well want typically the end of your respective brush for you to be rounded. To do this, have the brush vertically around the palette. Firmly pull towards you working the comb in a single direction. Lift away the panoplie with every single stroke. This may tend to help round off the stop of the brush, paint with the rounded end right up.